Top 20 Alternative Movie Posters & Screen Prints

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    Hitchcock Poster by Edward Wood

    Edward Wood’s Hitchcock poster is simple, but a perfect tribute to the great horror and crime director. He perfectly captures his iconic silhouette and intimidating stance, while the whole thing has a reminder of the recognisable style of designer Saul Bass, who created the titles for a range of Hitchcock films, including Vertigo, Psycho and North by North West.

    This formed a part of a collection commissioned by Soho House for their Electric Cinema venue in Notting Hill, all of which are available through Print Club London.

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    Breathless Poster by Adam Juresko

    This simple and evocative version of a film poster for Jean-Luc Goddard’s 1960 film À Bout De Souffle, or Breathless, in English, fantastically represents the sense of the Nouvelle Vage director’s movies. They are ill defined and rambling, makeshift and not highly polished, yet still somehow exciting and unique.

    A wide range of similarly delightful movie posters are available from the artist’s Etsy store.

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    Blade Runner Poster by Mainger

    Busy, intense and colourful, this is everything you’d expect from a Blade Runner poster. The colours almost jar and give an overwhelmingly sickly intensity to the plethora of ads that dominate the cityscape. Against this all however the figure of Rick Deckard cuts a strong and intimidating shadow.

    Mainger has produced a range of similarly brilliant, intensely detailed film posters, all of which should be checked out.

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    Ex Machina Poster by Concepcion Studios

    Concepcion studios have a highly recognisable style of alternative film posters. A distinct colour palette of shapes on a light background, layered with black and white scenes from the film. It is simple but delightful and makes a highly decorative piece.

    With Ex Machina as the subject matter, the ultra slick modern feel of this print marries up perfectly with that of the film.

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    An American Werewolf in London Poster by Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson’s An American Werewolf in London poster is one of many alternative film posters that have been commissioned over the years for the Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House. He uses an intensely vibrant colour palette and swirling, melting faces to make a brilliant yet unique interpretation of the classic 80s film.

    Film4's Summer Screen has managed to produce some of the most interesting altentative posters of recent years and they should all definitely be checked out.

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    Alien, Terminator & Fifth Element Poster by Rhys Cooper

    Rhys Cooper’s Alien, Terminator & Fifth Element film poster trio really is like no other. He focuses on the great women of Sci Fi and turns them into religious saints. If there ever was a giant church of film, then surely these would be hanging behind the alter.

    They may be slightly intense and garish, but isn’t that what religion is all about after all?

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    Rebel Without a Cause Poster by George Townley

    A surprisingly dreamy and subtle poster, George Townley created his alternative Rebel Without a Cause Poster after visiting the location of the famous fight scene. The poster focuses more on this iconic Griffiths Observatory location, more than the characters themselves and may not feel the most instantly recognisable films on this list, but it is hard not to miss one of Los Angeles greatest landmarks.

    George Townley has created a wide range of very architecture and landscape led alternative posters, all of which are fantastic.

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    Princess Mononoke Poster by Guillaume Morellec

    In many ways Hayao Miyazaki is the perfect inspiration for film screen print posters. He is one of the most visually stunning filmmakers to have ever lived and has helped define the animation film industry, pushing boundaries and creating brilliantly unique concepts. Guillaume Morellec’s poster wonderfully evokes Miyazaki’s greatest heroine, Princess Mononoke, but also makes it feel like it could be a real poster.

    Spoke Art’s Miyazaki exhibition generated countless incredible re-imaginings of some of Studio Ghibli’s greatest films, and there are many other posters that match this quality.

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    Spider-Man Homecoming Poster by Tommy Walker

    The fish eye lens view makes Spider-Man feel big and exciting again, even after countless sequels and remakes over a short period. After all, it is always Spider-Man’s ability to swing across the city skyline that has always exciting kids and adults alike, and here, the arm reaching towards our viewpoint truly makes us feel a part of this.

    This was made as part of the Poster Posse’s unofficial tribute to films, which include a plethora of fantastic posters.

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    The Thing Poster by Fro Design

    For a John Carptenter film, this poster feels somewhat light and airy. Despite that it still captures everything the film is about. It has the mystical unknown, the all-encompassing yet inescapable horror and of course, the snow and ice.

    Coming from Fro Design who have also done designs for a range of Kubrick films such as 2001: A Space Oddyssey, Dr Strangelove and The Shining, this is one of their best

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    The Big Lebowski Poster by Matt Dye

    Matt Dye’s Big Lebowski poster does exactly what should be done with the dude – transforms him into some kind of regal icon. Half stamp, half traditional movie poster, the ornate detailing and character snippets act as the perfect frame for Dye’s killed portrait of the man himself.

    This poster forms one of many prints made for Spoke Art’s Tarantino vs Coen exhibition.

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    Star Wars Poster by Tim Doyle

    Tim Doyle creates strange, dreamy and dark portrayals of landscapes from movies and films that often make rather beautiful settings begin to feel more like dystopian areas of decay. His Star Wars print of the Tatooine landscape brilliantly balances the beauty of the setting with Tim’s brilliantly unique style.

    Rarely focusing on people, only buildings and landscapes, his UnReal Estate collection features reimaginings of everything from Ghostbusters to the Simpsons.

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    The Martian Poster by Oliver Barrett

    Oliver Barrett has done a range of alternative film posters and his style works perfectly for them. This reimagining of The Martian relies on his style for an almost sketch-like feel, but one that is so perfect and refined.

    The blends of Matt Damon’s space suit, the Martian landscape and the empty distant sky perfectly capture what the film is all about. With simple, yet striking colours, this poster easily does credit to one of Ridley Scott’s best films.

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    Harry Potter Poster by Peter Strain

    As one of the biggest film series ever, it would seem like a crime to not include a Harry Potter print, even if it does involve including the brilliant Peter Strain in this list twice. His dark yet beautiful portrayal of everyone’s favourite bad-guy-turned-good-guy Severus Snape, combines an illustration which captures Alan Rickman’s iconic performance perfectly, while combining it with Strain’s penchant for typography in the oft-quoted line.

    Marking one of the few officially commissioned Harry Potter prints currently on sale on the Pottermore, the whole collection make perfect gifts for any Potter fan.

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    Amelie Poster by Ivonna Buenrostro

    Amelie is one of the greatest films of all time prolific poster maker Ivonna Buenrostro wonderfully captures its essence. She is not beautifully illustrated, but in the harder edges something about the character is shown. Working well with the “Times are hard for dreamers quote” it shows a girl, stoic and determined, with hidden passion and secrets but most of all with the strength to continue.

    This formed a part of Spoke Art’s exhibition to the wonderfully imaginative work of the French filmmakers Jeunet and Caro.

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    Robocop Poster by Joe Wilson

    Forget about delicacy, Joe Wilson’s Robocop is a sledgehammer of a film poster. Reflective of the film itself it is intense, over the top and slightly ridiculous, but brilliantly captures the excitement of 1980s blockbuster action films at their best.

    This poster was just one of many incredible film screen prints that are released each year as part of the Film 4 Summer Screen at Somerset House in London, where a brilliant range of classics, forgotten gems and groundbreaking new films are shown each year.

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    Moonrise Kingdom Poster by Joshua Budich

    Spoke Art make yet another appearance on this list, with a poster by Joshua Budich as part of their iconic Bad Dads exhibition, comprising work influenced by the films of Wes Anderson. Budich’s poster of the 2012 film gives Anderson’s delightfully whimsical film a sense of epic grandeur from the era of big illustrated blockbuster posters.

    The Bad Dads collection is full of a wide range of gems and helped cement Spoke Arts reputation, with the artists thriving off the subject matter. Although a lot is currently sold out, they regularly do new exhibitions so make sure to check them out again soon.

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    2001: A Space Odyssey Poster by Tracie Ching

    Tracie Ching is a prolific alternative movie poster artist. One of a series of three prints done for Spoke Art’s Kubrick tribute show, this is the perfect encapsulation of one of Kubrick’s greatest films. Ching manages to capture Kubrick’s masterful design and sense of detail, while still making it unique and different.

    It still feels very much like a film poster though, but one with such an enormous sense of scale that no one could walk past without looking at it.

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    The Breakfast Club Poster by Matt Taylor

    Matt Taylor has done some of the very best alternative movie posters of recent years. His work always feels like it has a cinematic gaze, like a single frame of a beautifully shot sequence. His Breakfast Club poster is the epitome of this.

    Few artists when creating an alternative poster would go down the root of including no faces of the main characters in a dialogue driven movie. But Taylor perfectly manages to capture the energy of the film, the sense of teenage rebellion, as well as capturing the unique personalities of the individuals, all through their feet.

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    It’s A Wonderful Life Poster by Peter Strain

    It’s A Wonderful Life is undoubtedly one of the greatest films of all time, and the best Christmas film ever (followed closely by The Muppet Christmas Carol). Peter Strain is one of the greatest artists creating alternative film posters and the combination of him with this classic is just perfect. The manically beautiful run through Bedford Falls and the swirling snow conjuring up those unforgettable lines manages to capture the sentiment of the film perfectly.

    Often heavily typography driven, Strain’s done a plethora of incredible screen prints of films and directors, from Tarantino to Scorsese and his web store cannot be missed for any film fan.

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